Unveiling Italy

Hidden corners: unforgettable experiences

Unveiling Italy is not an extensive guide on what to do and where. This blog is a personal travel diary, where you will find spontaneous and unplanned photos, small details that make the “big picture” and sketches of itineraries.

It’s amazing to see the Colosseum, walk across Ponte Vecchio or have a gondola ride at sunset in Venice. All of that is special, but why just stop there when, simply by taking a deep breath or slacking off a little, we can perceive all the little details that make our travel experience memorable and places unforgettable?

Alessandra’s travel diary

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Laughs and chats in Lucca: an escape with my friends.

Simple,tasty and romantic… a modern fairytale


A MODERN HERO: Alessandro’s passion for his land and wine – Cinque Terre

The moment everything It all began

Travel notes

An unexpected retreat

The noble islands

The Cinderella Lake

Foodies must-sees: the finest old food shops in Italy

Succulent delicacies

Solitude and peace seekers

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