Cinderella  is a fairy tale heroine who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.  The girl is an incredible, timeless beauty, and she is undeservedly neglected until Prince Charming discovers her outstanding beauty.

As in Cinderella story, the tiny and quaint Lake Orta  is neglected by the majority of tourists, who prefer its most famous stepbrothers, Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda.

With an unusual perspective and a little bit of curiosity, the Orta Lake will reveal all his mysterious, ethereal and enchanting qualities.


Day 1 –  The  perfect eloper’s getaway

Silence and peace are the treasures of Lake Orta. The light here changes by the hour: medieval mist in the morning, brightness  by noon and  romantic light by five.

A cozy nest  in the central little square, a bath tub in the room and a lovely balcony overlooking the cream-colored houses, perfect for sipping a glass of wine, make the perfect place for a romantic break.

Day 2 –  Seasoning caves

Just a few kilometers’ drive from the dreamy Lake Orta, there’s a cave where the highest quality cheese is refined.

The cheese refiner is a “mysterious” man, known by only a few people, who first selects the best cheese from the best dairies and then follows all the aging and refining steps to offer the specialty cheeses of the longest-standing tradition.

Mr. Luigi, our cheese refiner, represents the fifth generation taking care of this activity. Luigi’s family has been seasoning the best cheeses with passionate care and respect of tradition since 1876.

Luigi’s family cherished the most exquisite flavors for the finest palates.

Day 3 –  A special place for a special wine

Ermanno, the forefather of the Conti’s family, knew that a long lasting wine needs slowness, time,  respect of the land and traditions but, above all, passionate hands that cherish every single grape.

Following his values and dream, Mr. Ermanno, invested all his money in building a castle: a place to take care of his wine and give hospitality to every person who would like to share the same values of the family.

Today, Ermanno’s dream is kept alive by his fabulous three daughters; the generational shift is marked by the new label “Il rosso delle donne” (women’s red wine), a project in which wine, art, culture, history and territory meet.

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