Cherished time spent laughing and chatting, lazy and lavish lunches, endless sunsets: follow the slow,  hypnotic rythm of the Amalfi Coast.  Another of the thousand faces of this beautiful corner of Italy for the”slow travel” enthusiasts.


Day 1 – Somewhere quaint

Sant’Agata sui due Golfi is  a peculiar village that lays in an exclusive area, in the heart of the romantic Sorrento peninsula. Silence, traditions and relax are the keywords of this place.

For over a century, in this little town, the Iaccarino’s family has been devoted to hospitality, focusing on the Mediterranean flavors and on the love for their land.

Over the years, they conceived the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant and delightful break, where elegance and atmosphere are at their utmost.

The respect for local food culture and old traditions are the foundation of their cooking philosophy.

Day 2 – Dreamy, silent gardens

From the paradisiacal corner of Iaccarino’s family to the peaceful gardens of Ravello, surrounded by the magnificent flowers and the lush greenery.

Most people come to Ravello in search of a break from everyday life and to enjoy some solitude, delighting themselves with its magnificent garden estate.

The extravagant garden of Villa Cimbrione, with its dizzying views of the Amalfi Coast, is the ideal escape for the solitude-seeker, while the medieval Villa Rufolo is a true “gift”, with its spectacular view over the sea.

Day 3 –  Far away in the open sea

An intense, loosening moment in the open sea, just with the scent of salty water and the gentle sound of the waves.

Admire the beauty of the coast from another point of view: gorgeous villas suspended over the waters, Saracen defense towers and secluded beaches.

Enjoy the sun that goes below the horizon: It’s the coastal sunset, far away from everyday life, surrounded just by the beauty and sounds of nature.

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