I’ve taken this picture on August 14th. It was a terrible day at work, clients missing their plane, there was a Trenitalia strike, I had several problems with a group of Japanese people at the Cinque Terre, I had to work on 2016 rates, dealing with the same “standard” itinerary requests…

It was 6 in the evening, I just needed to relax and I decided to go home then head to the beach, sit in front of the sea and sip a glass of wine…I started to breathe slowly, listening to the sound of the waves,
I lied down and looked at the sky…I immediately felt better…

I stared at the clouds: each one was different from the other and they moved together from one place to another. I immediately felt free, my mind started to wander and recollect all the places I visited during the last years, memories of stunning panoramas, delicious dishes, enchanting vineyards, children’s voices in the streets, a melody of violins on the terrace of a castle with the city under my feet, passion for the land, encounters with amazing people…

I’m almost sure I decided to quit my job in that moment. Looking at the sky, I realized I had to free myself, to follow my rhythm, tell my stories, to win my time back… simply put, I had to unveil my Italy.
So I’ll be pleased If you take a look around and learn more about me and my travel diaries.




“These two lanes will take us anywhere
We got one last chance to make it real
To trade in these wings on some wheels
Climb in back
Heaven’s waiting on down the tracks…”

Bruce Springsteen

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