Three best friends, a week end break, no idea of what to do and…here we are in Lucca!
Lucca is what you wouldn’t expect, Lucca is sparkling, it is a breath of fresh air.

DSC_1090When you have to decide where you would like to spend your week-end Lucca is not always the first choice.
But being second choice means that you don’t have to worry about the limelight always being on and you can truly be yourself because no one can be you the way you can.
Lucca is truly Lucca, lively and charming as can be, without veil or illusions. Lucca is a shell enclosed by its walls, it’s like a chest full of hidden treasures.


Cycle to the top of its walls surrounded by the views of the city, with its stunning historical buildings and its many parks, it is quite spectacular. The city is at your feet and you have just to choose which door lures you the most, enter and follow the little narrow medieval street to unveil the heart of this amazing city.alughs and chats in LuccaListen to the voices of the city, become intoxicated with the flavours of “Buccellato”- a simple but savoury cake- freshly prepared in every bakery and enjoy Lucca citizens every day life on stage at “Piazza dell’Anfiteatro” theatre. The unique elliptical-shaped plaza enclosed in an embrace of coloured medieval houses.laughs and chats in luccaWhat else? The full flavours of a red “Colline Lucchesi” wine, cheese and salumi, laughs and chats with my friends: the lifetime week- end.Laughs and chat in Lucca

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