Besides the beauty of its dramatic views, the Amalfi coast is also an explosion of flavors and aromas.

Campania’s culinary traditions are fiercely guarded. Neapolitan cooks remember what their moms taught them: keep it simple, seasonal and fresh.

Everything seems to taste a little bit better here: tomatoes are sweeter, mozzarella is silkier and coffee is stronger. The region boasts one of the world’s most envied culinary landscapes.

Take your time to dip in this endless gourmand’s paradise.


Day 1 – The  “Minucciola” olive

“Minucciola” is the best olive variety of the Sorrento peninsula, used to produce the Syrenum extra-virgin olive oil. Its fragrance and taste remind of the typical local plants: mint, rosemary and lemon.

Right on the hills of Sorrento, there’s a mill where people are still passionately dedicated to the production of olive oil and traditional methods are still preserved and handed down from generation to generation. A must-do experience to capture the secrets and the flavors of this D.O.P. olive oil.

After the tasting and the visit, your driver will take you to the most picturesque and photogenic town of the coast, Positano, where you will have the meal of a lifetime, overlooking the most spectacular view of this village.

Day 2 – Rendez-vous with “Eva”

A scenic drive along the coast between curves, cliffs and coves will take you 500 meters above the sea level, among centennial vineyards.

The scenario will completely change: dip into a rural world, surrounded by four hectares of Tintore, Aglianico and Piedirosso vineyards.

Before arriving in Tramonti, along the route, you will meet Furore, where Greta Garbo used to hide from the paparazzi, and Atrani, a fishing village off the beaten track, with its seafaring authenticity still intact.

Gaetano will welcome you in his estate, where you will experience something magic, an unforgettable  essence  with  sinuous flavors: “Per Eva”, a memorable white wine.

A few minutes’ drive to come back to the coast, meet southern Italy’s best known pastry chef and taste his heavenly “ Delizie al Limone” (lemon cream pastry).

Day 3 – The legend of Lacryma Christi

Legend has it that, after recognizing a patch of sky stolen by Lucifer in the Gulf of Naples, Christ began to cry and the Lacryma Christi vines began to grow where his tears fell.

11 hectares of vineyards in the middle of the Vesuvius National Park, where the land gives grapes unmistakable aromas and flavors.

Enjoy a glass of these unique wines, along with a dish of  “spaghetti” with tomato sauce and basil, surrounded  by a natural scenery with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Naples and the Island of Capri.

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