As the Italian saying goes, “ Donna al volante pericolo costante” (woman driving, peril thriving).
I am almost sure that whoever invented this saying has never met Stefania: she is probably the best driver I met in my whole life.
She was born in foggy Milan and then she decided to follow her heart and move to the south of Italy, making a detour in her life.
Stefania and her partner live in the lively Sorrento, one of the two access points to the Amalfi Coast. In the past, artists and writers were captivated by the gorgeous landscapes and so Stefania was: she settled in the warmest south and started to work as a driver with his partner, Gennaro.

The roads along the Amalfi coast are winding, narrow and challenging to drive on.
People refer to this road as the drive of a lifetime, suspended on crashing waves and surrounded by green slopes all around. The road cuts through the cliffs, connects colourful villages, medieval pirate watchtowers on the headlands and frames the stunning coastal panorama.








From Sorrento to Salerno there is just one route so, especially from April to September, traffic is unbelievable.
To drive along the Amalfi Coast you must have a deep knowledge of the area, be very confident and perhaps also a little bit crazy!

Stefania is a very experienced driver and guide: she knows every little corner of the “Costiera”, she knows the best spots to take stunning photos of the panorama, she “runs away” from the crowded touristic places to let you discover the real soul of the coast.

I could never imagine that Stefania was born in the north of Italy: she is friendly, warm, hospitable, always smiling like just Southern people can be.Even if we had never met before, Stefania invited me to stay at her place during my stay in the Costiera. It was fantastic to spend some time with her and Gennaro: they showeded the “hidden” Costiera, made up by stunning sunsets, surprising landscapes, tasty delicacies, amazing people and unforgettable sounds and colours.







On our way to Ravello, Positano, Amalfi, the quaint Atrani and the amazing Praiano, Stefania took on the many curves with confidence, unveiling the secrets of the Coast: all I had to do was to listen, enjoy the amazing overhanging road and my drive of a lifetime.


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